AnyColor 0.3.2

Pimp your Firefox


  • Easy to remove
  • Can integrate Mozilla Personas into AnyColor
  • Can add simple effects to tabs and scroll bars
  • Can use scripts to set appearance


  • Some color combinations make it hard to read text
  • Preset appearance options not to everyone's taste


Firefox users fall into two camps - those who like to keep it simple, and those who like to use every add-on anyone has ever invented. If you belong to the latter group, then AnyColor is surely for you.

AnyColor is a small application designed to let you modify the appearance of Mozilla Firefox. It is controlled by a welcome screen when you install the add-on and can then be configured as normal via the 'tools' menu or via a new quick access menu it installs in the menu bar. AnyColor can be applied to any part of the browser, so you can alter its appearance as much or as little as you like, even adding contrasting headers and footers and changing the tabs.

AnyColor comes with preset options as well as allowing you to load your own images, JSON files and download extra appearance sets from the Internet, although I have to admit that when I tested it, this option wasn't working. Of course, you can preview your creations before unleashing them on the page. The developer also provides detailed help on his blog, and, if all the creativity gets too much for you, you can disable the whole program in one simple click.

AnyColor: a fun and easy way to change the appearance of Firefox.

Minor fixes for forced compatibility with Firefox 3.6


  • Minor fixes for forced compatibility with Firefox 3.6


AnyColor 0.3.2

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